Rea (Rhea) in Greek mythology was the mother of the god Zeus. She was a titan, wife and sister of Titan Saturn, who determined the flow of things. Next to Cronus, Rhea (means in Greek: “the one who flows”) helped her husband by specifying traffic and succession in the kingdom of Cronus-Time. Later, she became the goddess of fertility and born the first Olympian gods, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. She allied with her youngest son, Zeus, in order to lustrate Cronusby getting him drunk, so then Zeus was able to open the Saturn’ s abdomen and release the brothers that he had swallowed by the fear of the same fate as his father, Ouranos (Uranus).


  • Double iron bed
  • Mini bar
  • TV

Plasma HD 32

  • Satellite TV
  • Telephone
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Safe
  • A / C-Heating
  • Amenities (Soap, shampoo and shower gel)
  • Internal door
  • Non-smoking room